Storm Buddies

Is Your Child Afraid of Storms?

My middle son (now a teenager) was terrified of storms when he was younger. He would make himself sick with worry. I always wished he would have had something to comfort him during stormy weather. I have tried to create characters that can come alive when children need them the most. Hopefully, this book will be helpful to lots of boys and girls who share in my son’s fear of storms.

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Gorge News Center Podcast

on January 8, 2016 Storms can represent a sudden and frightening change in the environment. They’re noisy and disruptive and can rattle more than windows. If you’ve ever had a…

Very cute book! My kids often get anxious during storms. This story made them feel like they were not alone in feeling this way. The book is colorful and has a cute pillow and animals to go along with it. A perfect size to travel with! 🙂