Is Your Child Afraid of Storms?

toys for storm buddiesMy middle son (now a teenager) was terrified of storms when he was younger. He would make himself sick with worry. I always wished he would have had something to comfort him during stormy weather. I have tried to create characters that can come alive when children need them the most. Hopefully, this book will be helpful to lots of boys and girls who share in my son’s fear of storms.

Melissa Pope was featured on the Gorge News Center! Listen to the podcast here.


Storm Buddies was a top recommendation for a last minute gift in 2015’s Examiner.com’s Holiday Gift Guide


Storm buddies wold be the perfect gift for a child with anxiety. The plush toys are high quality and the zip up cloud they come in is super soft. It’s a wonderful comfort item to take to bed in times of stormy weather. All of my children loved the three animals and took turns playing with Pope’s plush characters. We highly recommend the full set of book with the toys, as even our older children enjoyed each animal and the theme and message of the story.

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