Melissa PopeMelissa Pope grew up 60 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri. She has one sister and one brother, and all three were spoiled rotten!

After graduating from Southeast Missouri University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education she began her teaching career in first grade, and loved it!  After several years, she moved on to teach fourth grade for the next 8 years. She and her husband Joe (who’s also from the same area), were married in 1992. After the birth of her second son, she began her “stay-at-home” mom career.

Storms can be scary, and often times the fear of a storm is common among our young ones.  Melissa’s middle son was one of these children who was terrified by storms; he would make himself sick with worry, and seek comfort until they were over.  She always wished she would have had something to help him through stormy weather. So, Melissa created Storm Buddies, her first children’s book, with characters  that can come alive when they need them the most, and help parents comfort them.  To complement the book, she also created plush Storm Buddies stuffed animals that live inside a small blue cloud pillow that can be removed for storm contentment. The plush toys set are available with or without the book.

Melissa is busy creating future books for other areas of comfort to children, such as getting shots, seeing a dentist, and more. She sincerely hopes that children will gain a sense of security with her books and animals.

Melissa has always had a  passion for helping children and is on the Board of Directors for Cope24
Please check at ( The mission of COPE24 is to significantly reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect by educating all youth.