Candace’s Book Blog
January 10, 2016

I received the Storm Buddies book and the plush toys that come in the cloud for review. The book is a short paperback that was a quick and easy read that’s designed to help kids with their fear of storms. The plush toys are in the book at the end and are meant to help comfort a child who is fearful of storms. If you have a child who is afraid of storms this book may be helpful.

While my kids aren’t afraid of storms, they are afraid of other things (or we just don’t have enough storms to know). The plushies are definitely good for that as they are perfect for sleeping with and in fact can be a pillow once the three animals are inside the cloud. I was thinking that this also makes them good for traveling with since you can keep them together.

While the book is good for children fearful of storms other children may not connect with it fully. However it’s a good opportunity to discuss fear in general and how different people are afraid of different things.

The illustrations weren’t our favorite. They are all similar to the cover. Illustrations are definitely about taste and because we didn’t care for them much it doesn’t mean others won’t.

My kids favorite was the plushies, for sure. We’ve had them for a few weeks and they get played with often and they are slept with every night. My son is afraid when he’s alone so they are his ‘friends’ and my daughter just likes playing with them like they are her pets.

If you have a child afraid of storms you may want to consider this. The plushies themselves were a hit here and I think many kids would enjoy them.