Little Red Reads

December 23, 2015
Little Red Reads

Storm buddies wold be the perfect gift for a child with anxiety. The plush toys are high quality and the zip up cloud they come in is super soft. It’s a wonderful comfort item to take to bed in times of stormy weather. All of my children loved the three animals and took turns playing with Pope’s plush characters. We highly recommend the full set of book with the toys, as even our older children enjoyed each animal and the theme and message of the story.

Inspired by her son, Melissa Pope’s children’s book, Storm Buddies, is a fictional tale about a little boy named Tommy who is terrified of stormy weather. Tommy overcomes this fear with the help of three small animals, called the Storm Buddies, who live in a cloud pillow under Tommy’s bed. The Storm Buddies have superpowers that help calm Tommy during scary thunderstorms, ultimately comforting him to sleep.

“My eight year old watched the news, weather channel and the sky at all times,” Pope says. “It disrupted his daily schedule, sports and all activities after school because he was so focused on what might happen with the weather. I wish he would have had the Storm Buddies in his young life.”

Pope hopes her book will be a great relief to young children who may have experienced the frightening effects of hurricanes, violent storms or tornadoes.

A fictional tale about a little boy, who is terrified of stormy weather. He overcomes his fear with the help of three small animals called THE STORM BUDDIES, who live in the cloud pillow. The bundle comes with the book, cloud pillow, and three stuffed animals.