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Recent comments from Amazon customers
This is an awesome book for kids of all ages. I have the set in my classroom and at home for my children. They always know where their buddies are during a storm. ” – Nicole Mullins

“This is such a great book!  I love the fact that it has the plush storm buddies to go with the book. I can’t wait for more of her books.” – Laura Seyer

“Wonderful book to soothe children’s fear of storms!  Also a great book for all children. The kids LOVE sleeping with their storm buddies especially during a storm because they keep them safe!”  – Jill Lynn

” My boys love this book, but they love each of the “Storm Buddies” as well. They are very high quality and durable, and easy to find where a storm is near.  Highly recommend!”  – Kelley Nelson

“This book set is perfect for all children with a fear of storms. We have this book in each class at our school and the children often select this book, even without a storm.”  – Cindy Pyatt

“I love her already for writing this!  Pure awesomeness!”     1st grade parent
“My boys love their storm buddies animals.  They snuggled with them all night!” M Schillinger

“Just checked on Gussie.  Storm Buddies work!!!” E Schmidt

“Now she wants to write a book, she loves it!”   J Hunter

“Although my kids think they aren’t afraid of storms, STORM BUDDIES was their choice for tonight. So CUTE!!!” A Bush

“Short person has his STORM BUDDIES and flashlight, he’s ready,” Kim Brady

“I just witnessed the little daughter of one of my employees  crying in terror because it was raining so hard. Got her some STORM BUDDIES”  Pat Michaels